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    If you have questions about Vanilla Reload, please read below.

    What is Vanilla Reload?

    Vanilla Reload is an easy, safe, and convenient way to add funds to your prepaid card, reloadable debit card or online account.

    What are the benefits?

    Vanilla Reload gives you fast access to your cash. There are no special customer service counters or forms to fill out, and no personal information is required in-store. Vanilla Reload is one of the most affordable reload options available.

    Where can I purchase Vanilla Reload?

    • Purchase Vanilla Reload at thousands of stores nationwide, including major retailers such as 7-Eleven, CVS/pharmacy, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Walgreens, and Walmart.
    • Find a convenient location near you.

    How do I find out if my prepaid card participates in the Vanilla Reload network?

    Vanilla Reload is partnered with some of the nation’s most popular brands. Just look for the Vanilla Reload symbol on the back of your prepaid card or view our card partners page to see a list of participating prepaid cards and online accounts.

    Are there additional fees when I purchase Vanilla Reload?

    Vanilla Reload typically costs $3.95 to purchase. There are no additional fees or charges after purchase as long as you use your Vanilla Reload within 12 months of purchase. A $4.95 monthly fee will be applied against unredeemed funds at the beginning of the 13th month after purchase, unless prohibited by law.

    What is the minimum and maximum amount I can load with Vanilla Reload?

    You can typically load add any amount from $20 to $500 using Vanilla Reload. Amounts may vary depending on the retail location.

    How do I load funds using Vanilla Reload?

    Load Your Prepaid Card Directly at the Register

    • Bring your prepaid card and money to a participating Vanilla Reload Swipe Load retailer.
    • Present your card to the cashier to add funds* to your prepaid card.
    • The cashier will ring up the sale and load your funds directly to your prepaid card.


    Buy a Vanilla Reload PIN Load

    • Bring your funds to a participating retail location.
    • Purchase a Vanilla Reload PIN Load* found in the reloadable prepaid card section of the display.
    • Load your prepaid card or online account using the secure pin on the back of the Vanilla Reload by calling 1-877-429-8140 or by visiting VanillaReload.com.

    Starting March 31, Vanilla Reload PIN Load will no longer be available to purchase for reloading prepaid cards.

    *Additional fees apply. Subject to Prepaid Card load limits. See Cardholder Agreement for complete details.

    How soon are funds available to me?

    Vanilla Reload allows you to use the funds immediately after reloading your prepaid card or online account. However, some retailers require a brief waiting period before your funds are available. Check with your preferred retailer for more details. 

    What is Swipe Load?

    Vanilla Reload Swipe Load is a quick and simple method of adding funds to your reloadable card.

    Here is how it works:

    • Visit the nearest participating Vanilla Reload Swipe Load retailer with your prepaid card and reload cash.
    • Give your reloadable card and desired cash to the cashier.
    • As they ring up your sale, funds are added* directly to your card.

    *Additional fees apply. Subject to prepaid card load limits. See the Cardholder Agreement related to your prepaid card for complete details.

    Where can I find a Swipe Load retailer?

    You can visit Family Dollar, 7-11, Dollar General, Office Depot, Fred's and Walmart to get funds added to your prepaid card using Swipe Load.

    Why is PIN Load being discontinued for prepaid cards?

    Reload PINs have been widely used by scammers to defraud cardholders of their funds. Visit Fraud Prevention to learn more about common prepaid scams and to get tips on protecting yourself against fraud. 

    While using Swipe Load, the cardholder is required to present the physical card to the cashier for funds to be added, thereby eliminating the possibility of reload PIN fraud.

    I purchased a Vanilla Reload PIN pack but I didn't get a chance to reload my prepaid card. Can I get a refund?

    Yes, you can request a refund. You can also use the PIN to reload your prepaid card.

    What happens if my Vanilla Reload is lost or stolen?

    Call 1-877-429-8140 immediately if your Vanilla Reload is lost or stolen.  

    What if I am unable to use my Vanilla Reload?

    Please contact us at 1-877-429-8140 for assistance.

    Can I request a refund after purchasing Vanilla Reload?

    Yes. Visit Request a Refund. Except where otherwise required by law, all refund requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may be granted or refused at our sole discretion.

    I wasn’t able to complete a Vanilla Reload as a swipe transaction. What happened?

    Your card provider may not have approved your load request. It might be that you've exceeded the load limit on your card, such as maximum number or amount of loads per day. Contact your prepaid card provider by calling the number on the back of your card.

    Why isn’t my Vanilla Reload displaying in my recent transactions or reflected in my current balance?

    Contact your prepaid card provider or account program and have your receipt ready. You will likely be asked some questions about your most recent Vanilla Reload transaction and most of the answers can be found on your receipt.